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Dear long-time XOMBIE fans,

This is it! Today is the launch of our Kickstarter campaign for the new season of XOMBIE.

So, if XOMBIE ever brought you any enjoyment whatsoever, by all means, help us spread the word. Tell your friends. Warn random strangers.  Help us alert the world that Dirge is destined to rise, complain, and kick ass again!

Click on over to the Kickstarter page at and consider funding our second season. That is, of course, unless you feel strongly that a sentient zombie with a shovel should NOT fight a leathery-winged, xenopod brood matron 30,000 feet in the air. I would clearly respect your position, though I would never understand it. :)

Thanks again for your support and enthusiasm!



Dear long-time XOMBIE fans,

Hey all, it's James Farr here; writer, animator and creator of the original XOMBIE series. After almost three years of eerie, unsettling silence, I'm reaching out to you today with a long-overdue Xombie update, but also with a request for help. (Do I sound like a Nigerian Prince yet?) Don't worry, it's a simple task, which you can do with a single click. Well, maybe two.

As some of you may remember, Dreamworks optioned XOMBIE wayyyy back in the Summer of 2009. Though several scripts were written, ultimately none were produced - leaving the XOMBIE rights tied up but (temporarily) unused. As we roll into the Summer of 2012, the rights have finally returned to us, meaning we finally have the freedom to produce more XOMBIE goodness on our own.

So that brings me conveniently to that "request for help" we talked about. As of March 29th, 2012 (one week from today), we are launching a massive Kickstarter campaign to bring XOMBIE'S long-lost SECOND SEASON (DEATH WARMED OVER) from page to screen. Written by me, animated by professionals, and with over ten times the action and ANSWERS that the Dreamworks feature would have contained, Xombie: Death Warmed Over is primed to become the biggest, baddest zombie series to ever hit the web.

How can you help, you ask? Great question! Next week, we'll be calling on you, our loyal fans, to help us spread the word about Dirge's long-awaited return. For now, we just need one simple thing. Please click on one, or both, of the links below and connect to us on Facebook or Myspace (yup, Myspace) so we can keep you updated on the campaign, as well as send you XOMBIE goodies along the way.


And, if you've forgotten the joy of watching Dirge decapitate mindless undead hordes, then click on over to our YouTube page to watch the recently re-released episodes here:

Thanks so much for taking the time to read, listen and act. You guys have been the best fans ever. All of Xombie's past and future success is thanks to you.

More soon!



Yet another classic Xombie episode has shambled its way onto YouTube, courtesy of Epic Level Entertainment.

XOMBIE: CHAPTER 7 - Thunder & Light



Rule number one. Never underestimate a motionless zombie. It always gets back up.

As Xombie lumbers toward its triumphant ressurection, we are happy to have unearthed the original series - now avilable via Youtube courtesy of Epic Level Entertainment.


Big announcements coming soon!